Techwars is a Basewars remake mostly made from scratch and my own ideas, just like Basewars you make a base, groups and money but with a twist.

There are so called Techs, techs have different models, weapons, printers, sounds and so on.


New Movement like prone and crouch running
Territories that can be captured
TFA Weapon base (No bullet penetration or ricochet)
Different ways to raid a base (Keypad crackers, blowtorches, bunker busters)
PvE elements, random zombie spawns.
The color of Groups is applied to almost everything (HUD, playermodel, weapon color)
Group members have a halo (Can be turned off)
Five Different Techs (10 are planned)
Some custom content





Chessnut [Nutscript, learned a lot from that]
Rebel1243 [Prone and teaching me some lua]
ExtReMLapin [Helped me fixing a bug and teaching me abit about things]
Steven :smiley: [For the epic Guard Lasguns]

I’m not that good at making forum posts, I also apologize for any grammatically mistakes I’ve made.

Please note that this gamemode is still not done, there are still things like weapon balancing that must be done and much more.

If you have CC please go ahead and tell me, thanks for reading.