Teddy bears are snuggly.


1920x1080 — as part of EarthBound Fortress 2

Looks nice, is that a girl scout or male scout?

^ not a tf2 player so i don’t know much about the game


I just watched the vids on your website - that’s some really good camera motion handling and editting, looks incredibly professional! Loved the saturn vid by the way.

Hello, this is Scout, teddy bears make me cry!

Very good. I like it.

That’s lovely.

I have found a new weapon with which to confound that irritating fool who thinks he can survive through virtue of his speed alone.

a teddy bear as a weapon?

This is so deep lovely.

Did you look at the post to which I replied to? Maybe then you’ll make sense of my teaching.

Teddy bear looks traumatized after all the damage he has taken.
Paula is a bad owner.