Teddy bears, protecting little girls from monsters since the dawn of time.

I’ve had this idea for a while, didnt turn out exactly the way I would have hoped but…


original : http://filesmelt.com/dl/eloriginel.png
C&C :slight_smile:

Man, that’s so awesome. Good work.

Great idea, but what happened to the bottom half of her body? It’s just…gone. Also there’s some red line right under the nightstand, looks out of place.

Also, I don’t know what the hell that thing is on the far right, but that is an awesome monster.

This concept with the same music would make for one intense video game.

This brings a tear to the eye. A tribute to all the hard working teddys out there

Her body is the result of my poor editing. As for the red line, it’s a nuka cola truck… :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps one of the best works ever.

The idea is great, and the way of making that idea is incredible.

You deserve at least 9999 winner rating. (Yes, that is over 9000, for the trolls to understand)

EDIT: You deserve that much, but i can only give one, sadly. Here you go.

one winner for you

Very original. Only few things like the floating items on the table and the jaggies drive some of the cool factor off.

This is pretty much exactly how I imagined those things worked when I was still in single digits :v:
Pretty swank job.

Also what’s the name of that big beastie in the corner, I know I’ve seen it somewhere before.

Awesome pic, have a winner!

Thanks, i agree about the jaggies and the floating stuff.

This is nice, but I think you could have borrowed a bit more from the composition of the drawing. It shows more of a small vs large idea.

Lol that’s an awesome drawing. But if you’re implying I stole this idea from that guy I can assure you I didn’t, cuz i’ve never seen that pic before :slight_smile:

Love the idea
Well, Teddy, you are the brave one!

the rest of her body is gone. I guess they got to her then