Tedious tasks (crafting mini games)

Just curious about anyone else who would like crafting to be more mini-gameish.

I have ADD so some tasks, if boring, will cause me to now want to play (like waiting while crafting). I like being engaged. Tedious tasks keep me engaged.

Most game mechanics are designed for the lowest common denominator. Make it so the most amount of people are able/willing to use. But, there are many people who like tedious tasks… Putting in a mechanic like a this would segment the community into different classes by what they willing to do. Opening up opportunities for commerce and trade.

This would be an immersive way to create roles in the game without forcing an artificial construct. Take hammer to build, I miss that, I like building. I was willing to sit and build while others gathered resources. Most people didn’t like it. So they changed it to automated. But there was an opportunity missed for players to dictate the market. The frustration of hammer to build could have easily created the Rust housing market. But instead, by making it easier they destroyed it.

Maybe I’m alone here, but not every game mechanic (such as crafting) needs to be for every player.

I certainly don’t think you’re in the majority.

The way I see a lot of these crafting-mini-game threads is this:
(If you’ve ever played MineCraft, you’ll understand this concept rather easily.)
You spend a majority of the time gathering materials, surviving, and finally being able to have shelter. You then repeat the process.
I get that after a while, this gets boring. But I think it’d be more boring to have to sit in front of a workbench to craft whatever it is you need rather than doing anything else while the stuff is crafted for you.
This is just an example I had in Legacy, but I was once gathering wood to build walls for my home. I only had one floor and a doorway and no windows, so I thought I was safe.
In the few seconds it took to start crafting the wall, some guys managed to break down my door and kill me.
This would work better if sitting at the bench and playing a crafting mini-game would decrease the amount of time it took to build an object, but I don’t think it’d work well if it was the only way to build things.

But that is sort of the point. Why must the majority of the players craft their own goods?

Irl, do you grow your own food? Make your own clothes? Build your own house?
Maybe. Maybe some people do those things, but most people (the majority) don’t. This is why commerce exists in the first place. There is simply too much to do on your own.

So why are games the polar opposite in respect to that? What would happen if a game was more realistic in that regard? Would we see markets form? Or would the game simply crash because players want to be self sufficient without any actual work?


But you are of the thinking that every player needs to be a crafter. That isn’t true! Why not let people who enjoy that sort of gameplay be the crafters, and then you can focus on the part that is fun for you?!

It’s not about realism, you literally described what you want as tedious. Why would anyone add something tedious to a game?

Let’s say you play as a lone wolf, you gather your own materials and craft your own things. You enjoy crafting very much.

What about the rather large majority of players who also play lone wolf and don’t want to craft? It can’t simply be a feature you can turn on or off, because most would simply turn it off entirely.

This is possible already.

Interesting idea if you ask me. I’ve always enjoyed more complex crafting system that tend to go a bit towards being mini-game’ish.

Makes so you got something to do when you’re sitting in your base processing resources.

Would granular/complex be a better description?

Lone wolves can’t buy things at stores?

And what will be currency? Food, wood, stone?
You’re asking to develop an entire economy when the game isn’t even out of Alpha. They didn’t even create a reliable trading system that doesn’t prevent players from killing each other as soon as they throw down things from their inventory, let alone an economy.

That’s kind of the point in Rust. It’s been said before this was a design choice.

Actually no. The economy would build it’s self. There shouldn’t be anything to stop players from killing each other as soon as they throw down things from their inventory. It is the appeal of Rust.

It’s an interesting concept, the idea that crafting becomes tedious and boring so it will divide people into groups/classes. Don’t know if I agree or not - it’s one of those things I’d have to try I guess.

Perhaps I am using tedious wrong here. I am not saying boring. I am saying requiring a lot of effort and having a lot of granularity.

An example. If when crafting metal objects it required you to periodically stoke the flames by using a bellows, and then when it is time to forge the metal you have to hit it several times with the hammer.

Some people might find that tedious and unnecessary. I, on the other hand, could do it a million times and not get bored.

I know what you mean, but most people will just describe it as boring.

It might be cool if the extra effort resulted in a higher quality material. For example stoking the flames. You can leave the furnace running, but you’ll get a lower quality metal - resulting in equipment that degrades faster. Fan those flames and you get a high quality metal that can be forged into superior tools. At least then the time spent would result in something.