Teds Crosshairs

This is a very simple but usefull crosshair script that contains 4 crosshairs, this script will be usefull for TTT or DarkRP Servers(This is my first script).
to disable the default crosshair type this into the console.: crosshair 0


-u will need the Teds Crosshair Content addon to fix the black&Purple missing textures. you can find the downloadlink below.


  • Changeable Crosshairs
  • Perfect Aim

Teds Crosshairs.rar
Teds Crosshair Content(Workshop)

Got any pictures of aforementioned crosshairs?

added the pictures.

I dont understand why people dont add pictures as soon as they make the thread… seems kinda pointless releasing it before anyone can see what it is.

Why not draw each of the crosshairs using Lua instead of using an image for each of them?

thanks for the tip ill try to improve it.

Cheaper to draw using textures.

Can you make a video on how to change the crosshair1.png to whatever crosshair you want to use?
You were vague in the readme.txt so I don’t understand quite how to do it.