teen titans ragdolls

Somone needs to make teen titans ragdolls ive looked every were and theirs nothing will somone please make these models from scratch so they look like the real titans. and could somone also make some gothic models in addition to my request i would much appreciate it. (i would prefere the new titans as ragdolls) many thanks :slight_smile: oh and if any body ever decides to do this please make it into addon format if possible. if not in addon format then please add directions on how to download. ty :wink:

Yes that would be cool (I was just thinking this the other day). Wasn’t there a Teen Titan game at some point?

Also pics (from google, where else :P):

Teen Titans Cartoon:


Teen Titans Comic:


yeah there was a video game comrade.

I loved the Teen Titans. Is it still on Air? I want these for just general awesome poses.

I think its on in the morning sometimes (at least here it is). Also on the note of DC characters i’ve always wanted Starro the Conqueror :stuck_out_tongue:


It seems only small pictures of Starro exist on the internet, but theres this Heroclix figure (which was a trophy, which I have ^^):


(Oh i’d so love a 3D scanner :O)

it would also be cool if they made avatar the last air bender ragdolls as well.

Teen Titans Anime-styled cartoon was pretty cool. There was a Gamecube game with TONS of characters in it, although, being gamecube, it’s probably very mediocre models.

Hey, don’t rag on the good ol’ Cube. The Gamecube was actually pretty close to the original Xbox in terms of Graphical power. (Actually, the PS2 was the weakest, graphically, contrary to popular belief. Funny how the weakest console last gen was also the best selling, and how this has been repeated yet again with the Wii.)

I just meant for that game. From what I remember, the game had pretty good graphics for its time, but they may be cell-shaded, as well as pretty mediocre due to the game itself, not the cube.

yeah the graphics were kind of ok

i sure hope somone can make these!!!

wow no one is interested in these!!!

my gamecube is very well made its allready had 3 spills on it still working