Teh Uber1337er's

First, choose your character.


The Garry’s Modder

Weapons: Tool gun, Physics gun (doubles as a gravity gun), spawner
Can get along with: Garry’s Mod players
Skills: Can build things, Can turn into different player models and gain their ability


The Spy

Weapons: Knife, Ub3r P1st0l (not shown in picture), Sapper (disables mechanics)
Can get along with: Team Fortress 2 players
Skills: Can backstab, can cloak, can disguise as any enemy


The Counter-Strike: Source player

Weapons: Krieg 552, Nighthawk 50.c (Desert Eagle)
Can get along with: Counter-Strike: Source players
Skills: Can talk in 1337speak which causes enemies heads to explode.

garrys modder !!!

Counter strike player


Team fortress’ spy.

Garry’s Modder! He can have different abilities and build contraptions! :smiley:

None of the above-
Left4dead player. :smiley:
Player Model- Zoey
Weapons- AutoShotty, Dual Pistols.
Gets along with survivors.
Skill-OMG BOYCOTT, it makes anybody with a low IQ run off ranting about how they deserve better than this.

CS:S player ! (GM player = cheat > “Can turn into different player models and gain their ability” so turn him into a spy :slight_smile: ) .


All of them.

CSS player

Le Spy.


Sorry guys, I don’t have L4D. It’s 2 for Garry’s Modder, 4 for CS:S player, and 3 for Spy. If somone comes in here within 5 minutes and says spy I’ll postpone the pictures.

Spy because he was Uber Pistol and sapper which can sap the Garry’s Modder’s constraptions =D


OK, Spy now has more votes.

Choose which game to play first. (You will play all of them, just which one first)

Garry’s Mod


Team Fortress 2


Counter-Strike: Source


No one cares? :frowning:


Garrys Mod