Tekken 6 and/or Tekken tag

Hello, everyone.

Does anyone knew where to find Tekken 6/Tekken Tag mods in this forum? Link much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!

try looking to the top right of the page, pressing the red x will bring you to the tekken pages.

Is that true?

Dirik ya tek tang ada memande jak nak madah gya. paloi na ko ya tek. rasa dirik bgus glak la tek? sikda urang nak mujik. piker urang bodo gilak ka? palui. :smile:
camtaik jak dirik ya. urang nanyak bgus2 dplentey ko, bgus bbno tebiat ya. buatla gk, buat jak. dhla gmok, msti nok jnis suka men dpan kmputer, brlmak cam babi jak. bna sik? xdaku bulak. :wink: :wink:

English, dude. Even running what you said through several translators comes up as gibberish.

In any case, this might be of more use to you.

there are alot of tekken 6 models in XNAlara format,. you can just use a script to convert them.
and if you happen to do them, could you please do asuka?

Can you provide link to the place where all the Tekken 6 mods are?

Now how are we supposed to know you where good at anything 3ds max related when your request asking for tekken mods? mods and models are two very different things, If you had explained what you did in your 3rd post as your request that would have made it much easier wouldnt it have?

heres what you need, found it by googling it.

tekken tag models

tekken 6

fairly straight forward on the use, I recommend picking up 3ds max again since you can easily get a free version (student version)

Delta said he’s working on Tekken 6 characters but there has been no updates from him.
you can find asuka,alisa,nina,lili and some other random characters in XNAlara format here

law,lei,king,bryan,kuma,panda,roger,yoshimitsu,anna here
I havent opened these, so I don’t know what format they’re in,. Goodluck! I’m eager to see asuka and alisa,.

I’m truly sorry for that. I tend to get confused between the two. :giggle: Thought the word “mods” are short form of “models”. :stuck_out_tongue: Yes, sure it is. Sorry~

Hmm. I have all of these already. And just to mention again, I’d like models in .obj/3d files with default and customized outfit of Paul, Miguel, Steve Fox, Marduk, King (Not Armor King), Ganryu and Feng Wei. They’re yet to available in many forum I’ve browse through. So, just trying my luck here if anyone would like to provide my guys here. :smile: :giggle:

By the way, I’d like to get the free version of 3D Max, but my internet aren’t convincing picking file more than 100MB a time. That’s why started using Blender, and it was quite a time of the 3D Max, so, I might forget things regarding much of 3D Max since that bad day.

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Thanks for the links!

By the way, I’ve PM him, Delta, but it seems he’s yet to answer mine. :sad:

Asuka and Alisa? Well, I’ll reconsider this since I’m in mood for the guys models, currently.