Tekken 6 : Jin

aye aye here is jin from tekken 6 i will have to update the phymodel in time as some may find it hard to pose from the shoulder arm area :o
he has 41 flexs again trying to restrain my self from going over the limit
post for any bugs u might come across :smiley:
" oo ya NO EYE POSING HARD TO DO or atleast i have no idea how :c"


http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FPJYFPJ6 -FULL WITH EYEFIX
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Y0J0X3G4 -EYE FIX



thanks thanks Roland you are my mite!!!

Cool. Downloading.

Would you port Lilli(the blonde chick) too?

no, you will port KING! him before anyone else

True and then Kuma!!!

Nice one. :smile:


but is a prop! or is my shitty gmod?

Excellent upload as always roland
and about the eye posing it doesn’t matter
smart people use photoshop or any image render to edit the eyes

Looking forward for your next projects

Please port more Ragdolls i other thighs from Tekken 6
P.S. Bles your soul

Sweet Jesus! You are fucking amazing! I really think you should port more Tekken 6 characters but hey it’s up to you man. Thanks a bunch.

The face looks weird.
Did you facpose the ragdoll?
And don’t forget Asuka.

Asesome! Good work!
Can you port Feng Wei too?

Read the OP.

Port Xiaoyu.

Great Job on the port! Too bad the eyeposing is not working, but atleast it has great flexes.

You should ask someone like DTMech or NexusElite for help on the Eyeposing.

Also, port Christie Monteiro next! :3

Messed with it in game, Its very good, saw what you mean’t by the shoulders.


Port King next, if you are willing to that is, because he is the best.

Seriously man, keep up the good work.

You should also consider updating older models (such as zangief) and uploading them to garrysmod.org.