Tekken 6 Reloaded

Upon random inspiration I have decided to Revive the tekken project, im currently working on Steve fox, Lars, and Lee chaolan
Texturing these models can be abit difficult, if anyone would like to help with porting tekken 6 we can possibly port the entire cast.

Oh the joys of dae and 3dsmax now it applies the textures automatically and in the right order on the models now making tekken is so much faster cause i dont have to do any texturing woot
steve is comming along nicely

Absolutely liking this. Keep on the good work Delta, it´s looking nice

well so far im done with the first costume with the texturing

Any updates?
I’m kinda eager for some models.,…
the girls!!

I don’t think he’d have any updates since the thread was mainly to ask for help with them.

Help would make this progress go faster but oh well any at the moment im working on Lars Alexandersson.

What about if this thead it´s move to the W.I.P. section? Not a lot of ppl look on the request section

Thread moved yay and im almostd one with one lars alt costumes


Is the panda in this game? If so I request that.