Tekken 6 W.I.P

I would need some help on this project,im working on im not good with source.so ill need someone to models compile them for gmod,the other area of help i would need with is retexturing and reassembly i posted earlier about this.

ok a list of files in the archives.
data301 - characters’ base models (no hair, no clothing)
data302 - misc junk
data303 - misc junk
data304 - misc thugs, a few characters from story mode, art
data305 - Paul, Law, Lei, King, Yoshimitsu,
data306 - Nina, Hwoarang, Xiaoyu, Christie, Jin
data307 - Julia, Kuma, Bryan, Heihachi, Kazuya
data308 - Lee, Steve, Craig, Mokujin, Eddy, Jack6
data309 - Roger, Anna, Wang, Ganryu, Asuka, Bruce
data310 - Baek, Devil Jin, Raven, Feng, Armor King, Lili
data311 - Sergei, Bob, Zafina, Miguel, Leo
data312 - Azazel, Lars, Alisa, NANCY.

Characters files will be in the same order as in this list. So, for example, if you start cycling through the NMDs of data310, the first 200 files or so will be parts of Baek, then, another ~200 files of Devil Jin. An so on.

The files that you’ll encounter in data305 -> data312 can be divided in the following categories:

  • body parts with no diffuse textures (green bump maps are displayed by Noesis instead)
  • each body part is immediately followed by 1-3 files that contain sets of diffuse textures for that part
  • junk files with data that Noesis probably doesn’t understand (a single gray triangle is displayed)
  • miscellaneous hairstyles (usually with no textures - some shared texture is used for those, I guess)
  • a full character in a t-pose usually finalizes the set of files for that character

Half of the characters are not present in a form of a single model - so you’ll have to assemble them from parts.
For instance, there isn’t a full default t-pose model of Lars Alexandersson (just a few goofy ones with a half-moon over Lars’ head). But at the same time there is a full default 1p model of Alisa Boskonovitch.

and heres the issue i have with 3dsmax dumping me textures arghh!!.


noone needs to rerig if you export as smd or psk, they just need to add face posing ect and compile, sorry I havent gotten to these btw

Nice banana hat.

thanks atlest they dont need to be rigged im trying to decide to do the entire cast of tekken,the only thing i see as being the biggest issue is reassembly and retexturing

You are awesome Man!

and lol need to re arrange the textures since tekken 6 models are crazy when it comes to textures some if not most either apply flipped or in some strange position
if you cant tell look the nipples are took far down and well the whole chest texture needs to be flipped aswell as others or repositioned manually

go in the modifyer tab and look at one of the UV modifers I forgot which on it is, but one flips the uvs for you
actually ill check im about to open max

uvw xfrom
check the V flip in the parameters box and it should flip the uvs

that worked like a charm thanks

ran into some what of a brick wall on this one,as you can see the eye lashes show up weird or fucked up in max and also for some reason a copy of the eyes are like welded to his head where his eyebrows are seems to have been a symptom of ripping it shows the same in neosis,and the hair in max shows up blockyish

and im having abit of trouble trying to re assemble some of the model parts as you can see.

did you give up on this or something?(hopefully not)

no i didnt give up on it still working on it tekken 6 chars are ALOT of work and i mean ALOT that and i plan on doing more then few characters

Please get King in somewere hes too awesome to miss!

If you do Asuka and King, you will reach maybe some of the best modelers here

thats nice to know good luck


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