Telekinesis SWEP Request

I have had an Idea to create a SWEP from the game “BioShock” and make it the similar Hand model.
Sadly, I have no experience in Coding, Modeling, or any of the necessary skills.

So any Coder&Modeler willing to take this Request, it would be much appreciated.


  • Primary Mouse = Pick up / Put down (Props, Ragdolls, etc)
  • Secondary Mouse = Throw Object/ Damage NPC, Breakable props, etc with a burst of energy.
  • Reload = ability to move the Object around with the Mouse movement. (like the Physics Gun)
  • Custom Sounds
  • (Anything you can think or that i forgot about or you might think will fit into the Telekinesis SWEP)

Model Features:

  • Full movement of all the actions (Ex. If you throw the object the hand will respond by jerking forward. possibly a few effects and lights thrown in.)
  • The hand model to Closely Replicate the one from “BioShock” (Do NOT get yourself into trouble with this…)

Im not expecting a perfect job on this, but i really don’t want it to be half-assed and poorly coded.
DO take the time to code&model correctly. (none of them console spam errors)

Thank you!

It has been already made by sakarias.

Anyway the controls are a bit different from what you want,but this is what you were looking for?

The “Black Magic” swep is poorly made and hard to control, you have to do multiple things before you can actually pick the object up and even then all u can do is make it jerk around or fly up i the air vary fast and slam into shit.

The one im requesting is much simpler and sort of like a mix of the grav gun with the maneuverability of the phys gun, along with a new model and extra features.

The “Black Magic” SWEP is not poorly made at all, it’s just not what you are looking for.

I don’t like how it works… i like Simple But Fun.

Anyone willing to give this a shot?

I might try. And I might not finish it. And you might not want to depend on me, as I suck.

But yes I will give it a try. Really can’t promise anything.


Okay nevermind :stuck_out_tongue:

so what your asking is:
a hand model, that acts like the grav gun?
thats really easy…

well yes. basically its a grav gun but the throw power is increased and you can move the object around like the “E” function on the phys gun.

So (and im no expert) all you have to do is take the code for the grav gun make a different model and add the physics gun function… simple right?

(Sorry DP.)

This thread has been ignored? crys

I was hoping someone would at lease give it an honest effort.

I already made an addon liek this, Telekenesis, you can use the context menu button to press any buttons, take ammo from ammo crates, pick up throw around stuff, crap like that but if you can see in the main LUA thread im having some problems with some shit like SWEP PRIMARY SOUNDS GAH!!!

Can you give me a link to it?

It isnt released becuase i NEVER release my work, to much feedback…

Is anyone still willing to give this a shot?

i want this too :slight_smile: