Teleport Question

Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to make it so that other admins cannot use the goto command for someone of a higher rank / highest rank.

Say like I am in a admin sit with another member, all I get is other admins teleporting themselves to me to ask questions etc.

Is there a way / addon to make it so that a certain ranked group cannot “ulx goto” a certain ranked group?

Example admins cannot goto superadmins

Thanks all

im 12

IM 10

I don’t know if u know how to code or not, but you should take a look on some functions like
ply:canTarget( target ) and so on.

You should find some conditions like that in slay, kick, ban functions, the you just have to insert the same condition in tp function.

I’m pretty good with ulx, i can help you if you want? :slight_smile:

You want a table filled with steam ids that can use the command

allowed = {
    "STEAM_0:1:56987503" -- Remove this, this is me

function callback( ply, args )
    if table.HasValue( allowed, ply:SteamID() ) then
        -- teleport code
        ply:SendLua( [[ PrintMessage( HUD_PRINTTALK, "You are not allowed to use this command!" )

stop coding

You don’t even need to code. Just go to the “Manage Groups” button under the ulx groups tab and in the can_target field for admin type !%superadmin.

What this means exactly.
! means not, or cant
% indicates you’re going to name a ulx group
superadmin is the name of the group

So all together: can_target not superadmin. Is what you’re pretty much saying.

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All ulx teleport commands ignore group targeting. As long as a person has one of the commands they can use it on anyone.

ulx setgroupcantarget admin !%superadmin


Instead of the technical approach, try the psychological one. Tell your admins if they teleport to you unsolicited they will be temporarily stripped of their power. That aught to get them to fuck off.