Teleportation Hacks

I recently went on the EU server and mentioned about TP hacks and nobody seemed to know they existed. I then thought that by a slight chance you guys (Gary, Pat) didn’t know they existed either. Well pretty much TP hackers will teleport back to you after you kill them and kill you. ALSO I AM ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY SURE THIS IS NOT LAG OR GETTING LUCKY USING RANDOM SPAWN, I CAN GUARANTEE YOU THAT. I really hope this gets fixed because a ton of people have them. Some of the people that I can name that have them are-



I have seen more hackers than just these people but I just killed them and went on with my life, and I completely forget their names. Please fix this and ban the people I mentioned above if you catch them. Also if you have seen any TP hackers it would be pretty cool if you posted, just so nobody thinks I am crazy lol.

Here is a video of what I am talking about, this is NOT my video -

This has been around forever. The devs don’t care about hackers at the moment because the game is in testing. Hacks will be fixed later.

they do care about hacks, what they dont care about is people screaming bloody murder

unless you know how its done, dont post

Maybe they are just spawning with sleeping bags?

why is this not in the bitching thread about hackers? :quagmire:

I don’t see how hard it could be to fix a teleportation hack, christ even the kiddies playing minecraft have been able to fix it. And I don’t see how I am bitching or screaming bloody murder, just thought it ~might~ be a teeeny tiny little issue if people are teleporting into your base and taking literally hours of work from you. Also I haven’t ever even been raided by a TP hacker, so I can assure you I am not butthurt.

Also I am absolutely sure it is not sleeping bags

Might be beforementioned render glitch. They relog at your position after coming to you. Just puzzling it together due to people reporting its return.

I just found out they do it through cheat engine. After searching through a bunch of stuff to find out how they do it I found this -

There are X, Y, and Z velocity values in the coordinate struct, so the speed hack is incredibly simple. You can also change the coordinate values to teleport. That’s all I’ve found and messed with so far.

What do you mean by all this?

Did you actually go out and D/L a cheat engine to try out the hacks? You know, you’re not justified in cheating because someone else did it to you. Be careful what you openly admit to on the forums; you could get your Rust account banned.

He just quoted the one guys comment in the link he posted.
Funny part is that the thread on that site was made on June, they started right away. :smiley:

Oh laziness… lol. I wasn’t actually going to click on that link.

lol. I can assure anyone that I haven’t even had cheat engine on my computer since I started playing Rust. Cheat engine is full of viruses. But yeah, I was just googling ‘‘rust hacks’’ and ‘‘rust teleportation hacks tutorial’’ so I could find out how they do it. Hope I helped a little at least.

The hacks in the thread are fixed since long.

i don’t know how you got that he tried out the tp hack from what he said he explained were and how they got to it to access the hack yes, but he didn’t mention anything about him trying it out. please re-read a post before you make asinine statements to try to make a little fight post. :slight_smile:

Weird. Didn’t they fix the rendering glitch too? I know it wasn’t relogging. Only explanation I could think of is that they fixed speed hacks but not teleportation, because nobody knew how to use it at the time or something. People are doing exactly what ofrizz did in the video I put up there.

That wasn’t a teleportation hack, that was disconnecting yourself and reconnecting in another location.

So I kill somebody, he is not there for 10 second and then he is literally on top of my head the next, I kill him again, and then the same thing happens? I don’t know if you are right, but whatever it is it really needs to be fixed because a lot of people are doing it.

Cheat engine is actually not full of viruses