Teleportation stool

I remember I once found a teleport gmod stool on but now I cant find it.
I have one now that shows up under weapons, looks like a 9mm, and makes an annoying sound when you shoot it. (Found here:

The one I used to have looked like the toolgun, showed up under the tool list (Like next to weld), and it made no sound.

Does anyone have this or know how to make it?

Just change the model, and do some quick Lua editing, and it should work. :smiley:

Do you wanna help me out? It shouldn’t take long. I really have no idea how to change a weapon into a stool.

Neither do I.
But it shouldn’t be hard.

i can change it into a wep without an annoying sound, but not a stool…

I can help you change the model and remove the sound. Contact me on steam add Jamsedreng22

Eh screw it. I don’t care that much.