Teleporter Cage

The Teleporter Cage Will Teleport To The Closest NPC or Player Except For Its Owner, It Can Be Used For Being Minging On Servers Or Just General Mucking About. You Will Need The Full Wire Mod, Full PHX props, the hoverdrive controller and of course the advanced duplicator. (I Will Post Pictures Onto This Forum When I Find Out How To If You Could Tell Me How =P). To Activate It You Will Just Need To Spawn An NPC (For Singleplayer Use) Or Just Spawn It On A Server And Then Press 5 And Away It Goes.

Please Give Me Feedback On The Cage Such As Bugs Or Improvements.

The Download Link Is

It’s a idea that’s been used many times, and you need to stop Typing Like This, but it seems well made and could be fun. 7/10

Oh i made this because i had seen the teleporter cage in action but couldnt find it anywhere on so i decided to make one myself.