Teleporter Malfunction

Step 1. I created a trigger brush in the location I wanted to teleport from.
Step 2. I CTRL-T’d the brush to open the properties menu. I gave it the function of trigger_teleport and named it teleport. No other functions were changed.
Step 3. I created an entity at the location I wanted to teleport to. I gave it the function of info_teleport_dest.
Step 4. I named the info_teleport_dest Destination1. No other properties were changed.
Step 5. Back in the trigger_teleport, I gave the remote destination property the value of “Destination1”, the name of my destination teleport. Also selected it from the dropdown menu and marked it to make sure it was the same name.
Step 6. I compiled my map and walk through my teleporter and found myself at my destination… not.

Am I missing something? Is there something i did wrong? I’ve tried 3 times going through these steps, and it has not worked. Each time, I tried a different tutorial, but I have not found anything that might solve my problem.

Thanks in advance.

Make a trigger brush, make it a trigger_teleport, make an info_teleport destination called frank. In the trigger brush make the destination destination. Make sure to tick client in flags.

Make sure to have the clients flag checked?


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