Teleporter Only Teleports to One Of The Many With The Same Name

To clear up the title, I have multiple teleports with the same name, and wanting to have it so that when you go into the teleporter, you get teleported randomly to one of the info_teleport_destination entities that I have around the map.

The problem is, it only teleports to one of the destinations, and the rest of them apparently don’t exist.

How do I get a teleporter to teleport players to random/multiple points?

Teleporter with Random Destination

This is for a TF2 map

TF2 doesn’t have an ai_changetarget.

Does this work? At work and cannot check atm…
All of the teleporters (touch_multiple) can have the same name or none, but the targets will need individual names. Logic_case is limited to 16 possible outcomes.

name: <unneeded>
OnFirstTouch > randomizer PickRandom
FLAGS: Clients

name: randomizer
Case01: 1
Case02: 2

Case16: 16

onCase01 > !activator Teleport target1
onCase02 > !activator Teleport target2

onCase16 > !activator Teleport target16

name: target1

name: target2

name: target16

Just because the entity isn’t in the entity list in hammer, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not available in the game. Some entities aren’t in certain game FGDs because they aren’t usually used, though you can easily add them back by modifying the FGD or turning off smart edit mode in the entity properties dialog.

The “Teleport” outputs you wrote don’t exist for !activator. I don’t think. I wish they did…

Isn’t there something along the lines of setposition?

OK so I figured out a slightly complicated way that surprisingly works.

I have 10 teleporters stacked on top of each other.when a player hits the first one, it disables itself and enables the second one. when the second one is hit, it gets disabled and the third one is enabled. each teleporter goes to it’s own destination, and the setup works in a series.

Does seem like a nasty way of doing it, especially if you are going to need multiple teleport sites, each with its own ‘stack’.

All you need now is a logic_case to randomly select which teleporter is enabled.


My bad, I was thinking of the ‘Teleport to path_track’ for use with trains.