alright, crap… I was thinking this would be easy to make… but screw it, I’ll just request it

I want an STool where you click somewhere, then you click somewhere else, and in those 2 places you clicked, there would spawn entities where when you stand on one and +use it like you would a button, it sends you to the other entity

bring out the STool
(Hud says “Click to spawn the first of 2 teleporters”)
click there’s the first (hud says “Now click again to spawn the other teleporter”)
click there’s the other one, the two are only linked to eachother and you can move them around and stuff and when you stand on one and use it like a button, it will teleport you to the other teleporter

I’m thinking the model for the teleporters should be the little sawblade thing cause it’s the easiest thing to use (flat, round, small)

if this has been done already, feel free to just link to it

and I don’t want some crazy complicated teleporter thing from some movie or something

I dunno how confusing these directions really are, but they… seem pretty… non-confusing…

shure, ill make it in time, it will only be one way at first…

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue: I’d TRY to make it, but I can’t find the will to learn Lua

I made a two-way teleporter using wiremod, but it’s not as convenient as a scripted one would be

ähmm what you search is ring transporters from avons stargatepack
they do nearly exactl what you wants, but thats an entity xD

It’s just that I want something NOT from Stargate.

Call me boring, but I want something more generic :stuck_out_tongue:

ohh sorry, i dont see where you post it? xD
but thats doesn’t matter,
please ignore my post upper then^^