Hi guys, quick question as Im unaware of what im doing wrong…

Just want to add to my map a simple teleport platform that teleports the player from point A to point B.

Watched/read lots of tutorials about this which ive followed precisely (or so I think) and still cant get things working… This is what I did:

Create the entry point using a cube and giving it the texture “Trigger”, then using CTRL+T Made this a trigger_teleport . Gave it the name “tele01” and remote destination as “dest01”

Then I created an entity at point B where I want the player to be teleported to. I made this entity a info_teleport_detination and gave it the name “dest01”

But this still doesnt teleport my player :frowning:

What stupid mistake am I making here or what havent i done correctly/at all??

Any help appreciated. Thanks

Check the flags.

You need to check the one that says something like “teleport p;layers/client”.

Thanks, this worked great :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help