Teleporting the player WITH EFFECTS.

Now, there’s a punch of tutorials on youtube on how to make a teleport in hammer, make a trigger thingy and an exit so when they walk into the trigger they are moved straight to the exit. But where’s the fun in that?

What i wanted is for the player to be walking through the map, then the sky starts lighting up and a loud high pitched noise starts playing. It gets brighter and brighter until it finally fades but when it does fade the player is somewhere else on the map. How would i go about doing this?

Oh, the bright flash could be created using lots of bloom or something, i dunno.

If you still don’t understand, it would be something like this.

Oh and on a side note, you remember how you first spawn on lost coast? Freeman gets up from lying down, how can i do that too?

Thanks for any help.

Use an env_fade for the fading?

An info_landmark might help with a smoother teleport by retaining an offset.

The “waking up” is probably done with a point_viewcontrol parented to an animated model.

I’m not too experienced with hammer. I won’t bother with the waking up but, what do you mean about info_landmark making a smoother teleport?


Wait i think i know what you mean, like when a level changes? The direction you’re facing in remains the same etc.


I’m a little stuck here, can someone take me through step by step? I’ll need a trigger to trigger the fading, the sound, and the player moving to info target. This is done through the outputs with delays right?

Don’t forget colour correction. That is always good to create some nice effects.

why dont you use the buddyfinder teleportation code as an example? it has a trippy effect when you teleport.

He is making a map, not using lua.

What entity is that?