Teleporting weapons + Glitched out bodies + Lua in bsp?


Three questions I have been stumped on:

  1. I am making a Trouble in Terrorist Town map. In my map, the building floats. I have been able to teleport bodies and normal props easily to hide them from just… floating in the air if people/props fall. But the weapons pose a problem. When people die, their weapons pop out from their bodies as weapon props. But I can’t find a single type of trigger/flag combo that triggers for the weapons at all, let alone being able to teleport them. Is there some type of trigger or flag that I am missing?

  2. Sometimes dead bodies become glitched out and un-interactable. On some of the players screens, the bodies are not there. On other players screen, there is a ragdoll that can’t be interacted with. This happens on other maps as well, but not even close to the same rate as in mine :). The super wierd thing about it is that it happens everywhere on the map, at something like a one in a hundred chance. Most of them are in just… regular, large, thick meshes without anything fancy at all going on. Anyone had any similar troubles?

  3. Know I have had this up in another thread about half a year ago, and i found another thread without answers in them, but has anyone successfully managed to put lua files in their bsp’s? I can put them in there with bspzip, but i can’t figure out a way to actually make them run :).

The map in question is open source and MIT licenced (with the assets having different licenses), and is at if anyone wants to have a poke-around.
If there are any comments leading directly to an actual fix i will add you to the thank-you-spray in the next revision :). Don’t actually think that will entice anyone to actually work on it, but, i figure it’s nice xD.

You’re using a trigger_teleport for this?

Sound like an issue with TTT rather than your map honestly. How in any way would a map effect that?

I believe there is a lua_run entity for the garrysmod.fgd however I think garry removed its functionality years ago because people were abusing it.

  1. I have tried trigger_teleport, trigger_multiple, and… something else. Tested it with pretty much any flag i could imagine doing the trick :).
    It simply does not trigger. I have a debug output, and throwing in props, player corpses, pretty much anything triggers it, but not player weapons.

  2. I know. Its… a bit wierd. It seems my map just triggers the bug somewhat more often. Might try and see if I can spawn in a ton of ragdolls and see if I can trigger it reliably >_>.

  3. There is a lua_run, and it… kindof works. As in, it runs lua code, but does not seem to be able to access any functionality?