Tell me if i'm wrong here, but...

ok, so long story short. is this what’s going to happen with Rust?

  1. player gets in game. player rents server

  2. player sets server count to 1 and proceeds to build giant fortress that is untouchable. takes a few days.

  3. once player is pretty sure player can’s possibly lose now that he has had enough time to build up everything with no competition, player opens up server to gen pop.

  4. people join server and start to play, only realizing a while later that the admin has set the game up so that he is all powerful and everyone else can fight for scraps.

  5. player thinks player is AWESOME at rust and says so on the forums.

is this basically how it’s going to go? not complaining but seems to me that stacking the odds in your favor on a private server is the way most folks are gonna end up going.


(User was banned for this post ("cliff-hanger thread title" - postal))

Good servers will get full, bad servers will get empty.

It may take a lot of time, some people may get screwed in the process, but it will happen.

Haven’t seen this happen yet, but no doubt somebody will do it. Though considering admins can ‘give’ items via rcon, they could really build an impenetrable base even with other people on the server at the time. They can also instacraft without setting it for everybody to have that.

You just have to make sure to avoid servers with admins who behave in such a manner.

This is what happens. As a server owner, who doesn’t abuse their admin, I’ve had the privilege of having 100+ people playing on my server. While it might be tempting to abuse admin to get an advantage, I rather have a server where I know I can ban cheaters and hackers and have a great and active population, it’s what makes the game fun to play.

EDIT: I’d like to add you can’t set the server count to 1, btw.

it could go like that…but based on this players childish behavior, his server will most likely be empty (since there’s no shortage of servers)