Tell Me When To GMOD : My first attempt at a GMOD video (Tell Me When To Go Music Video)

And, as yet, this is my first post on these forums. I just got GMOD a couple weeks ago and I’ve been fiddling with it since and I decided to make this music video using “Tell Me When To Go” by E-40. I’ve been rather amused by that song ever since I discovered it. The video description includes a link to the original video by E-40 if you are curious.

In any case, please, say what you think, I can take criticism, so long as it’s constructive. Please let me know which segments were the best and worst in case I decide to do this again. I realize I’m no expert on this sort of thing yet so I’d love the feedback of people who know this stuff better than me. Thanks for viewing.

I lol’d. The dance moves actually looked somewhat like dance moves as opposed to just random thrusters. Maybe a little repetitive though. I could REALLY see the effort.

Thanks a lot for the feedback. I was rather proud myself of how the dancing came out. You may be on to something about it being repetitive; my friend said the same thing, although the way I used those segments was inspired by the original video. Thanks again.

Some moves were so real. Awesome job. Keep on improving!


Wow, you are very, very, talented. I hope to see more hilarious dance videos. There hasn’t been a real dance video ever since those old gmod ones with the CSS guys. Now the only “dancing” is the same shitty spazzing. I just love this video, liked the song too.

Thanks a lot SP22 and Slithersoul. And thank you, SonicHitman… I really appreciate hearing that. I did put a lot of effort into trying to get the dancing right. The funny part is that hyphy dancing actually LOOKS like GMOD thruster spazzing. Check out the original E-40 video:

And as a side note, I wish I had known about that Mass Effect thread in the models section earlier, I originally wanted to use Wrex and not Grunt, but I couldn’t find a Wrex. Oh well. Heh.

Such a catchy song, people like you diserve to get more attention. I subbed you.

I didn’t even like the song but this video is awesome.



Thrusters n spazzy ragdolls r sew funi xdxdxdxdx

I’m flattered and honored, Slither and Sonic.

And thanks, Ub3r. That bit of very detailed criticism will greatly help me on my next video.

No problem, man

how to post a vide?

I’m not too sure what you mean. I used You Tube to post my video. Perhaps you could elaborate on your question some?

Reppin da Bay. Good video bro. Keep improving.