tell the best rp moment you have been in or did no

this is the nicest thread i created tear.

I just lost some IQ.

hey… why can’t i see this stuff

My friend was a Combine. We were talking in ic chat on TnB when out of nowhere an injured citizen walks up. He was apparently shot and needed medical assistance. So what’s my friend do? Under the alias of “Pink Ninja” he preforms open field surgery on the dude, and in the end saving him.

When I was on kuromeku’s server and we cleaned out the whole fucking nexus.

oh we were uprising against the combine in city 8 district 9 and… here’s some lines
metrocop:hey there are some idiots here trying to get into nexus
random ancitizen:yay let’s get inside
random citizen 2:oh shit here comes the overwatch
we were 16 people rushing through the place to get away, and then you know what ? everyone among me was dying from the elite’s shooting at us it was awesome. I ran as fast as i could, and was one of the few survivors(3 or 4 i don’t remember) i got shot, but still could run. Then i found a place to hide and they gathered us to find the guys who were there, but they didn’t recognise me i loled hard