Tell us about your roleplay contraptions here

I’d like to hear about people’s roleplay contraptions.
List them.

On DarkRP servers, I usually try to create my own builder job. Once, I made a mobile store. I think it was pretty cool.

Once, I attempted to make an elevator with the hydraulics tool. I failed.

I had some cool automatic doors for a shop, but some minge manged to screw them up. Roleplaying, for me, isn’t really about building, unless I’m selling security systems or something.

The key is to try to get it on center, and then right click with the hydraulic tool to make it perpendicular to the bottom of the elevator.

tripwire activated bat: thieves walk through the door, get sent back out at about 20 mph.

I remember that on most dark rp servers, people make wire lasers at their entrances that kill you

I like making a little donation box out of the phx square tube, putting a money detector in it, and putting a cover on it so only i can get the money (fading door, or something) then i put a wire screen outside of it.

people would drop money in, then try to get it out, and drop more in and keep trying. its like that claw game at the movies or arcade that noone can win :smiley: