Tell your epic moments in Gmod RP

Tell your epic moments in garry’s mod RP here.

No Porn
No Sick moments

Mine was riding a rolercoaster :stuck_out_tongue:

ok me and a friend where in hometown 1999. This was back in gmod 9.
Sorry if we offend anyone but we are not racist at all.

I happened to have the black citizen model. And i kept breaking into shops and everything. Everytime i did this big ringing bell alarm would go off and my friend would scream: THE NI(etctera) ALARM!!!
I guess you had to be there to appreciate the comedy though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright, This was tonight.
I joined a server and was elected cop, I forget what the map was.
The admin was abusing his powers.
We hid in the little weapon room in the PD, The map with the bridge…
We were in their for 2 hours, If we left we would get owned.

What the fuck is this thread

Follow the rules. :cop:

Follow the rules. :cop:

Well I think there is a thread about this already, but mine would probably be on rp_christmastown, or whatever it was called. I was a head cop, and we had no admin. I had forgot to vote down a certain minge from being a cop, so he became one, and he helped two of his friends become cops as well. Well a good cop and myself barricaded ourselves in the top of the Police Department, since the other cops had door openers, we couldn’t lock the doors. Well we were upstairs chatting, when we saw the people outside trying to break in. They saw us up there, and started spawning hundreds of explsoive barrels, and began to stack them up towards us, and inside the doors, trying to get rid of our barricade. I used the mic, and said something like “Jesus H. Christ!” right before they exploded. The server didn’t crash, but everyone on the map besides us was killed… funny.

Mine was when Zombies escaped from umbrella but there was a headcrab hiding somewhere, giving birth to eggs as more grew, we kept killing the aliens but couldn’t find the source. We were transporting radioactive boxes and other such things in a big truck, we were dumping the materials when we realised the egg was in the truck. We tried to spawn a gate to lock the headcrab and his egg in the truck and we had ragdoll mod on (when you get to certain health you become ragdoll) and the headcrab jumped us and made us ragdolls, people came to save us and got killed as the aliens became worse. We were all knocked out but could still see what people were typing, and the knock out was set for about half an hour, after what 15 minutes people got a little bored of sitting there and a guy came along to the server and found us, we thought “yay we can be put somewhere else” and then he dropeed us all in this well, we all got stuck together in this stupid well and got annoyed at him thus the inappropriate language procedure took it’s course. We tried to type in kill but due to a glitch in the ragdoll mod, it turned us into ragdolls again :frowning:

There I was, walking through a seemingly desolate town. There was a light breeze brushing the crisp August leaves across my legs. I heard a crack and turned to see a scientist in the middle of the road. As I was about to say hello, a melon appeared out of nowhere and was launched at my head, ending my existance on that server.

I was in the mafia and the rp soon turned into police against mafia. We were hiding in the desert, this was rp_cscdesert, and trying to build up a force strong enough to take back the town. We eventualy worked things out with a peace treaty between the mafia and the cops. We practicly became two factions. It’s intresting anthropology experiment is what gmod rp is, mainly because it’s so free and open as oposed to other strict rp games.

I was playing on server where was map: RP_hometown_1999.bsp & mingebag did join, He did spray a goatse picture at the gunshop door.
As peoples who have played this map should know there reads: “yes! We are open”.

One time, I joined an RP, and we actually RP’d.

Yes, that’s the idea of RP, and it’s kinda funny to
RP seriously :slight_smile:

I killed the adminstrator of rp_milleniumtower.

Discovering the Babymuncher RP server is more like Death Match.

Sorry Adam but you host one of the worst RP servers I have joined apart from one that’s long gone.

Having a RP over Hamachi with a few others I know, going through the entire set of Coast levels. From the Traintracks at the exit of Ravenholme to the Lighthouse.

Discovering an APC lost in another RP, defending the light house, fighting off Antlion guards… It was good. Not the most Epic moment I’ve ever had though.

Something simular to that.

You weren’t there Cold, it was some LGRPers and a few CPers… I think. I Remember it starting with the SOR commander, Libs commander and a few Libs and SOR, maybe someone from BMR.

Everyone was a Kliener model and ran around like mingebags.

It… it was horrifying… :frowning:

I tamed a deathmatching rp server into quite constructive rolepaly.

i was on rp_christmastown and some mingebag joined and started spawning giant chimneys and other huge things. I layed a trap for him, around the christmas tree i layed flipper traps using proximity sensors, thrusters and sliders. Every time he tried to leave the tree area he got flipped miles into the air and would die straight away. My friend also made a vending machine which said “free Pepsi” and when you pressed the button the dynamite welded to it (transparent) exploded and you flew off, dead.