Telling Zombies to move...

alright…so i need some help with this one…for the last i would say 3 hours i have been trying to make a fast zombie run and attack me from across the map…

ive gone from Updating Enemy Memory to creating a schedule to get me… from my gess it likes to overright the schedule… but anyway… does anyone have a working pice of lua that makes a damn zombie run at you from atleast 3000ft away

Are you working with hl2 zombies or snpcs?

to make npcs follow me, i use
v:SetLastPosition( v.owner:GetPos())
v:SetSchedule( SCHED_FORCED_GO_RUN )

The map needs to be noded.

Try it on gm_construct (noded map).

thanks for the replys.

uhh im working with zombie npcs if they where snpcs it would be super easy

i did it on flatgrass, from what i can tell the map is kinda noded ive had snpcs run around just fine

funny thing is, is that when i 1st tryed NPC:UpdateEnemyMemory(ply,ply:GetPos()) the zombie ran to the pos. i moved out of the way, but still i was shocked when it did
it was my 1st try to get them to move
after that none of the other zombies that spawned tryed that, they just spawned turned and walked around

i just tryed

it had no effect… any more ideas?


AhHA! i knew it!
its the fact that the damn zombies keep changing schdules!

if b:IsCurrentSchedule(SCHED_FORCED_GO_RUN) == false then
    b:SetSchedule( SCHED_FORCED_GO_RUN ) 

fixed that one!
well cooly that works kinda

if you guys have anymore ideas i would love to hear it

better yet…does anyone have to source for the zombies? fast or normal