Temp fix for Serenity

  • Why make a random string for a serverside hook?
  • Referring to a porn folder as a kick reason is plain stupid
  • ply:Nick() is not someone’s username in 99% of the time
  • it kicks you if you have a txt file in your data folder which the script has made when you run a command? How does that prevent anything?
  • You run commandn, but commandn is nowhere made
  • line 41 commandname refers to nothing
  • You made a command concommandi, but when do you expect this command to be run? Do you expect the serenity user to look in the Dua, find out what the command is and enter it in console in all honesty?
    Edit: oh you want the developers to add it in their function. Easy to get around, really…
  • This script would way too easy to get around to if it even worked, possibilities:
    [li] overriding RunConsoleCommand[/li] [li] overriding concommand.Add[/li] [li] overriding file.Find[/li][/ul]

Did you even test this script at all?

Is this a joke script or something

-snip the lua tags syntax highlight sucks :argh:-

The " is not escaped, the syntax highlighting is not sophisticated enough to see that the second \ is escaped by the first , so the " does not get escaped.
The syntax for that line is perfectly fine. :doh:
Except for the newline in the middle of it in the original script.
However, this script will hardly help anything, and it’s not worth putting on a server.

This scrip is ridiculous.
It is also so easy to block SendLua or RunConsoleCommand on the client so the server will never notice anything from the client.

There have been a lot of better scripts on the “Prevent steamid changing”-thread.

Agreed. :science:

Maybe. I’m going to build a castle with all my boxes, give me more so I can build a ceiling. This rain is cold :<

Well if there’s still time to add to the hurt, you could say that sending to the client the serverside part of an anti-cheating script is not the smartest thing to do. In fact you should never send serverside code to the client, even if it’s wrapped in if SERVER then end. It’s just a waste. :smile:

Good point…