Temp issues/crashes

Dear community!

I have quite a powerful rig that can run Rust maxed out @ 1080p.

I5 6600k @ 4.55ghz
Avexir 16GB DDR4 core white ram
Msi Z170A krait mobo
KFA2 GTX 980TI HAF gpu
NZXT H440 2015 edition case

Basically whenever I run rust, it will always gradually work it’s way up in the temps, normally peaking at around 75 for the gpu, sometimes the high 70’s, and the cpu will also reach around 70-80max. About a month ago rust had an update and my temps never exceeded 60 degrees, which was amazing as sometimes when i want to play rust non stop all day the temps just kill me especially in the summer…

And now that I’ve come back to Rust it’s peaking these high temps again, and after about half an hour to an hour my pc has a full crash and the only thing I can do is manually turn it off by the button and re-boot. This is frustrating, and I’m pretty sure it’s due to the heat or something else along those lines.

I never get any lagg in the game, normally always 60fps, but I find that wherever there are Russians there will always be LAGG. That’s one reason why they play the game on the lowest settings in a lag fest area as it crumbles basically anyone who plays it maxed out. I don’t understand why the lagg hits me, and many others.

My main concern are the temps, even if i run the game on medium specs @1080 the temp still hits the same, and the ram usage and everything is the same. so i end up just leaving it maxed.

I have 6 120mm high AF fans, 3 on front in pull, 3 on top in push, and 1 140mm rear exhaust.
Coupled with a Be Quiet Dark rock Pro TF cpu cooler with 2 Cryorig 140mm fans. Fans are on an aggressive fan curve when they hit high temps.

Does anyone have any solution to the temps? and don’t say a new case lel.

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There are certain areas of the game infested with russians , and these zones are just lagg fests. every map will have at least one of these zones or two. I don’t know why this happens, but it does.

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YoloshanksYo set your fans to run on max. Pull your pc from the wall so it can get cooler air
Your crazy ha!

You should never need to set your fans to run on max, especially if you have 7 case fans. They should be running at no more then half speed.
And moving your computer away from the wall won’t help anything unless it’s literally that close its restricting airflow. (And I very much doubt this would be the case). Moving it further from the wall will not in anyway provide it with cooler air.

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High 70s for a graphics card is getting quite warm, but still isn’t that bad, your 980TI is rated to run at around 95C. So 80C is not going to cause any problems there, and definitely shouldn’t be causing your operating system to lock up or crash.

80C for your cpu is very hot, but it still shouldn’t start throttling until it gets to around 100C. So this shouldn’t be causing the lock up you described either. However with a high end air cooler like the dark rock pro your 6600k shouldn’t be getting anywhere near that hot under load unless it’s been majorly overclocked.

Even if the temperatures aren’t causing the problem, these temps would be way to hot for my liking and I would definitely try to reduce them. I would try to keep both the CPU and Graphics card under 75C at max load.

I noticed you referred to your rear fan as an exhaust fan, but not the top 3 fans. Are your top 3 fans exhaust fans or intake fans? If they are intake fans this would be a major problem and would cause a bit of backwards pressure inside your case and may possibly be what’s causing your system to get so hot.

I wouldn’t think the case is the problem at all, 7 case fans should be more then enough to keep your system cool. it might be more to do with the setup of the case. Still with that said unless either your CPU or your Graphics card is hitting 90C or higher, this shouldn’t cause any sort of throttling, crash or lock up, so I would be looking into your ram usage as well. 8gb should be plenty, but I’ve seen posts stating that 8gb simply wasn’t enough for them to run rust in its unoptimised state. All systems are different so I wouldn’t rule it out completely. And lastly if you have 2 x 4gb sticks, one of them may even be faulty, a quick memory test will rule this out.