Temple City High School Pool


It…has lighting.

Yes it does.
light_env and a bunch of regular lights

For a second time this is pretty nice, lights, nice water, and kinda detailed.
I feel its a little blocky and it requires more custom textures.
Also I feel like its kinda empty.

Great work, and keep improving ^^

Well they’re mostly brick buildings so theyre natrually blocky.

well… the custom textures are a nice touch.

This doesn’t really look like a school from what i can see… Well maybe it is the textures. The brick looks a bit wierd. Like the lighting.

Bad use of textures, blocky even if it is a brick building, not enough detail (props, decals etc) congrats for a first map but not worth a release as of yet. Could also use a 3D skybox with trees and buildings.

Looks just about right to be honest, Ah yes our small cramp pool, but water does look dark. I honestly didn’t think anyone here was from Temple City. What year are you or perhaps still in high school?

Sophomore in highschool.

Heres some pics of the pool

The real one looks a lot smaller. Did you measure it? Could be just an illusion…

Be right back calling FBI.

The edges of the pool aren’t round enough.

Good job for 2nd time mapping. Not so good posting it here, I think you should practice a lot more, take a look at the mapping wip thread and get ideas

The map is:

-Bad texturing

Well, you’ve posted the reference pictures. Compare them and your map. Does they look identical?

Answer: No.

Why it doesn’t?

Answer: Because your map is missing a lot of detail like borders, rounded corners, vents, door, lights etc. That’s why it looks blocky and dull.

What you should do is:

-Add more detail
-Add light sources
-Make the rooms smaller (they’re huge at the moment)
-Use better (custom) textures
-Add 3d-skybox

Also, for the love of god, add cubemaps. That default reflection on the water is horrible.

a good start would be to curve the pool edges.

Thanx for the suggestions…This is my first map (unless you cont the box i made)
I shouldv posted this in the WIP section

One dirty assed pool.

It could use a lot of work, but after looking at the reference photos you took and posted, I can see the similarities.
Architecture and texturing and such could use a lot of work, but this is expected from a newer mapper.

Have fun getting arrested

I wish I could do my school…brand new school for a map would be great.