Temple of The King


Trying my idea of matching the mood and lyrics of a song to scenes in Gmod.









C&C, Regret putting Bloom on the last one.

Where to start…

I dont know man, they’re bad, poor posing, to start.

And use these tags:

[img][/img] for Pictures
[media][/media for large pictures, NSFW pics, and youtube vids.

Damn good song.
I’ve had an idea to do this same kind of thing for a long ass time but can never really find the time to get all the pictures.

Mainly you need to work on posing.
You need to make them look like people, and less like a limp or rigid doll. Give the posing some emotion.

And for just posing ability, look in a mirror, at yourself. Make the pose you want to do, gives you a base to work with.

You can barely read the text.

I can’t read the text, the posing needs work, and the image quality could be much better.

You guys can’t read that?


You can read this easily?


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Then again I’m a prolific RO player (or was, before the US servers began to die off), so I can spot a single feldgrau pixel in a sea of greys in under a second :v:

Wow, I’m impressed, I can barely read that.

I can read it, it just hurts.

That’s a little more accurate for what I mean. Hard to read.

The blur in the first picture makes no sense at all.


That’s a weird way to hold a sword.