Temporarily Removing NPC

I have made a Skyrim Dragon Shouts mod and I have made it so when you use Unrelenting Force on an NPC they ragdoll and go flying. The current way I am doing this is putting information about the NPC (model, skin, health, etc.) in a table, remove the NPC, create a ragdoll with information with the table, then after a period of time remove the ragdoll and recreate the NPC using the table. This works fine for the most part however the issue is that when used on NPCs like rebels or medics when they become NPCs from ragdolls again they switch to the citizen models instead of rebel or medic.

What I want to know is if there is a way to despawn an NPC so it keeps all of its information (model, skin, health) but is no longer in the world and i can respawn it exactly the way it was later.

for the skin problem on things like rebels and stuff, you could save the bodygroup of the model into the table with the rest of the information and use that
although I don’t know how you can control the bodygroup on spawn.

I tried this but it did not help, they are still turning into citizens.