Temporary weapon strip?

I understand how to use weapon stripping in hammer, but is there a way to make it so that the weapon returns to the player after a specified amount of time?

ummm, what you could do, is use a pointservercommand or something like that and have it fire after a period of time. with the parameters of “give weapon_smg1”

You wouldn’t be able to use that method to specify to give the player the weapon they just lost.

I suspect you would need an lua script.


moving on…

In Half-Life 2, when you get captured by the combine in the citadel, all of the weapons you have float out in front of you and get destroyed, it’s not based off where you are in the game, it actually retrieves the weapons you have. I tested it with the Annabelle. I’d assume you’d be able to use that in the same way to give them back to the player.

Or just


Spawn a weapon

I believe it’s a combination of the weaponstrip and a vphysics trigger.