Tempted to get back to mapping...

I’m thinking of getting back into mapping for Source… I’m going to be self-indulgent and throw a few pictures of some stuff from things I did a year or two back, and see if anyone thinks my past record merits making new stuff.

Merry Christmas chaps!

Cheesy “Edgeville” revival project a la Runescape.

Large-scale community based “Fortress” project, abandoned due to too many brushes preventing compilation.

And a kyoto-themed map originally intended for the Gmod zombies mod ReDead. This one was older, and as such even blockier and more pants!

Cheers for the feedback guys!

do you have any ingame pictures?

Ingame images are best for feedback, because we can comment on more than just brishwork.

Asides from the first link, which was taken in game, alas no.

I no longer have SDK installed, and haven’t had it running for a good… 18 months.

I’ve scraped up the last few in-game images I possess, one of which sadly shows of a horrible lighting leak issue: http://i.imgur.com/VtNps.jpg

And the other of which is simply rather dull: http://i.imgur.com/heCUM.jpg

Sadly I lost a lot of material moving from one PC to another.

And as an aside, I -do- realise of this shows some pretty horrific blocky composition and WIP lighting failures. That’s part of what sparks my desire to sally back and try to do things rather better.

Hit the tutorials, dump images into the pimpage thread, get sdk installed and go for it. You have nothing to lose by getting back up and running.

I think that’s a fair prognosis. I miss being creative, and Hammer is such a gorgeous map editor… Hm. See you all in a few weeks on the pimpage thread then chaps!

Merry Chrimbo, and many thanks.

Not really.

Aww, but it’s so quaint. I had so many good times with it… Unreal editor somehow never felt the same. Rose-tinted goggles perhaps.

Well ok hammer is unique due to that it’s still Brush based and you don’t have to rely on models
But other world editors out there has so many more functions and easier to use.

Indeed. And I model as well as I cook souffle! Not especially. Never could get uv-mapping/texturing down.

I’ll be making a d+d tutorial at some point this week showing how to get a model in unity editor and set up its textures.

It shouldn’t matter for us, sure you may not be the best of a mapper currently but that shouldn’t deter you from mapping nor should you let other people decide if you want to map or not. Just have SDK installed and when you feel like you want to map go into hammer and just map, I have gone 6 or so months before with out mapping a thing because I didn’t feel it or have inspiration but eventually I got back into it with inspiration.

Got that uv guide going up now on youtube.

redoing it…itll be up today.