Tempus Fugit








Holy balls that was pretty much awesome. You better continue this.
How am I the first person to post?

Scifi. Awesome.

This reminds me of the Journeyman Project.

This is amazing. When is the next episode’s release?

With time travel one can never be sure…

I was wondering where you had went, AJ.

Why does everyone think I disappear constantly? Honestly, I go one week without doing a comic and everyone thinks I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth!

That was remarkably well done. Good work.

This my good man was a very enjoyable read. Thank you very much.

…Just. Pure. Amazing. If you could, you would have published your own comic book if you had drawn this instead of posed, and get so many buyers. This comic Definetly stood out from the crowd of Interactives we have right now. Very well done.

Wait a second, is that visor from Mass Effect 2?

They’re a hack from the combine soldier.

Nice work…time travel makes my head hurt though…ugh.

Head be damned, continue!

Way to much dialog, it felt like i was reading a terrible book.

Time travel sure is complicated, brilliant comic.

I haven’t even started yet!

yeah this was just brilliant great work