Tempus Mortis: Chapter 0

My first comic in what feels like a very long time.

Still only a short prologue at the moment, as I don’t have all the necessary models for the main characters yet.

Those familar with my previous works will notice that the characters in this are the same from Skyline Bandits.
I didn’t see the point in trying to hide that I’d used the same character archetypes again, so just consider it an alternate universe.


My other new series, Braneworlds, is still on the way. It’s delayed for the same reason as this.

yay another HazLife series, Pretty good comic as always

Skyline pirates? I remember a similar title from somewhere…

Ha “skyline pirates”

I do love alternate universes, are you gonna do “skyline ninjas” after?

It’s not quite a sequel, in the sense that they are support characters, rather than the main ones.

Ninjas… unlikely. Though this series will feature aliens and super-powered schoolgirls.

Nice build up. I really like this. Decent dialog and effects. Haven’t seen your previous work, to my loss apparently. I will definitely keep an eye out for your releases. Have art.

There should be ninjas >:( all assassins!

Well this comic has got my attention.


Ahh…nice to see you again Haz.

The anti-tank rifle is awesome! :smiley:

Fantastic, i remember you telling me about this idea, glad to see it made! I’ll eagerly await more from you (finally, a reason for me to visit the comics section once again)

This really catches someone’s attention, and it’s a HazLife creation. All I can say is that It’s gonna get epic.

This looked very realistic posing wise, and I loved everything about the comic. Excellent work!

I fucking love Haz Life comics.

“The magic engines are done for!” lol

Good stuff, always enjoyed your comics.

Interesting, interesting indeed!

Nice job yet again Haz!

Awe-fucking-some! I’m going to be lurking you for a while now. So it’s called Tempus Mortis, but it says Tempus Fugit at the end? Conspiracy…

Bollocks, most of your stuff looks like it’s vanished. Do you happen to have somewhere you upload everything, like photobucket or deviantart?

I’ve fixed the links for my three most recent series, though anything before that is long gone. I haven’t even got them on my computer anymore.

Skyline Bandits
Where are the Murderers?

Awesome, I was going to ask about Skyline Bandits, shame about the others, I liked Dragonfly, and whern’t you going to continue the other story you did ? about the Psychic’s and the aftermath of HL2 I think