Tenchu: Shadow Assassins models

I didn’t really find any interesting models in here to me. they are a little generic and theres a classic ninja in here to add to that haha.
I dont get why but a lot of wii games that are over the shoulder seem to have this rather tall thin look to the models (fatal frame 4, some others)
Anyway here are the main characters,enemies,weapons,npcs,items

All are rigged in PSK format
(note more models are in the download then show in this picture)


Get a loada that rack.

cant have a Japanese game without a character like that.

OMG an actual ninja outfit.

Thanks! Good to see a new post from you.

the era of ninjas!!!

Dat ninja.

Great Models

they don’t work for me, should I be downloading them into addons?

They’re not rigged to garrysmod. .psk isn’t a supported source format although they are portable.