Terminator about to execute it's target



Alternative version with glowing eyes.




Hard to pose anything termy-related without models, but I wanted to try anyway.

C&C pl0x.

Wow, someone has worse posing then me…unbelievable

I like the editing,especially with the lighting of the doorway and laser

Editing is quite nice apart from the rim-lighting. Posing is quite wonky though.

That model’s face looks absoloutely horrific.

I like it, but straighten out the head, for it to be better.

The pose is actually exactly the same as in a scene in T1 where Termy kills the wrong Sarah.

But yeah, it’s a bit stiff.

His face is :geno:
Needs moar Victor Creed smile but I like the lazer and the idea.
Have an artistic cause the editing is cool.

Meh indeed I’m afraid.

Hey, it’s Termy, not some Victor Creed. And Termy doesn’t smile.

What’s wrong with that?

But Termy smile isnt as badass as Victor Creed smile.
Because that guy almost look like a human and not like a Terminator he could have some facial expressions. Just my opinion.

Unrealistic and the highlighting is too thick.


“Sarrah Connah?”

Editing = Good
Posing = Bad

Okay, I’ll try to remember that next time.

Bad? Be more specific, please. I can’t fix anything if people just say “bad” or “good”.

Terminators are MEANT to look like a human. It’s an infiltrator, dude. And although they are meant to look like humans, their behaviour is way different from human behaviour.

Besides, if I had made it smile in the pic, it wouldn’t look termy-ish at all.

I mean, nobody here has seen any terminator movies?
The terminators show almost no emotion at all, maybe some times, but its not common.

About the pic, its really nice, the posing is nice, except for the arm that looks stiff.
And also the rim light should be a little thicker.

Agreed so damn much.

Thanks for pointing those out.

“I just got out of thuh showah, die now”

His hair is the only thing I don’t like.

You have no clue about terminator?

Made my fucking day.