Terminator Alyx

My first edit in Photoshop.

Cool idea. The camera angle is kinda crappy, but nice picture anyway.

Hmm yes. Cam angle could have been better.

oh my god.
someone needs to carefully rewatch T2 and understand that a t800 and t1000 are NOT THE SAME.


that and termies have red eyes.

Why do people get so pissy about Terminator technicalities?

Resistance is futile. In my opinion, she looks more like a Borg Drone.

What series model is this?

I dunno lol

Except if this is some new, not existing model.

T-X doesn’t.


The skin on the face should be ripped, but as this is your first edit, well, I don’t blame you for not adding it.

This one http://pics.livejournal.com/lynna_b/pic/0008rk30

Download http://myfreefilehosting.com/f/0f30723810_51.15MB

I think he meant what terminator model :v:

As in T-600, T-moarnumbers and all of that shizzel.

I’d say T-1000

She doesn’t look like a Terminator at all.

The reason we get pissed over terminator is because terminator two is the best movie sequel ever. BTTF III is the best movie ever but i digress.
James cameron is rolling in his empty grave(he should make more dark angel and terminator not Shittatar)

Ah didn’t read it to well:smile:

What model? Have no idea. I just used what I though would fit.
It is the artificial eye that reminds people of the borg.

T-1233 was the best.
Nice picture but is that a TF2 map? Try to get a more interesting background.

Not a TF2 map. It is called zf_asylum_b1.

Kay let the box rain begin than.