Terminator Genisys: Guardian models

Hello !
I would have wanted to know if anyone can extract 3D models of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ios game “Terminator Genisys: Guardian”?


I would have done myself, but I do not know do all this for android games.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Is it possible to use this method?

From my side I try but I can not seem to import .assets files.

You’d probably be better off waiting for WWE 2K16 PC to come out, the Arnold model in that will probably be much higher quality.

I think he might want more than just the Arnold model. Probably wants the endos and HKs too.

Is it Unity based?

If so there’s a good tutorial Corra posted in the Star Wars thread here.


Seems to work for most Unity stuff I’ve messed about with.