terminator hud

hey, so i was just looking around from some new huds for gmod, and i saw this visor hud that overlay thing (that kinda sucked, especially since u need sv_cheats to be on) and i thought it would be cool to make a terminator hud. i would make it myself, but i have no idea how to make huds. if there already is a terminator hud then just ignore this post (and tell me about it?) but i couldnt find one

To make one you find the image you want (or make it, something for someone much more artistic than me :P) and you have to make parts of it transparent (using the alpha channel) so that when you put it over the screen you can still see ^^ If i was to do this i’d find an image of it (if you could find one it would be helpful to demonstrate for you), rub out everything around the parts you want (like I would guess in this case would be things like info boxes and reticles) so that they are by themselves with either the transparency already done with the rubbing out (for which i’d use GIMP) or so it has a different background colour (usually white in Paint) which you can then import into GIMP or Photshop or something like that to cut out the background to be transparent.

Once you have that you must either convert your TGA file (export/save as needed, has to be a TGA as BMP files don’t support alpha channels…fully) to a VTF file which i would do with VTFEdit (but there are Photoshop and probberly GIMP exporter scripts for doing it aswell). Then once you have your VTF (making sure the alpha channel is there), you need to write a VMT file for it which would look like this:

	$baseTexture "models/HUD/overlay"
	$translucent 1

(I made up the path there but yours must be a path to where your texture is). It must also have “$translucent 1” so the alpha map is applied and be “UnitGeneric” as it is not a model texture.

I’m not sure how you would then impliment it as an overlay but i’m sure if you look around there will be something saying how to do it.

Hope that helps ^^

i only understood about half of what you just said…