Terminator in a dark hallway

Space hulk? Nah couldn’t be.

I was expecting the movie Terminator. Still good, though

What he said. This however, is much more refreshing. Good pic!

You got me :haw:

Looks epictastic.

Oh by the way, I have some Terminator in a Dark Hallway stuff too.


What map is that? nice pic :q:

This Terminator would rip those ones part with its bare hands. Puny machine are no match for a Three ton, 9 foot tall man in power armor where concrete wall is just another door waiting to happen.

Contrast is a little harsh, but other then that it looks good.

It’s all fine then.

Until he gets hit by a Tau orbital ion cannon :smiley:

Nice man

Too bad there’s much more T-800s, 600s, 1000s and T-Xs than there’s Marines.

If I had Marine models, (well I do but only those low-poly ones) I’d make a large scale battle between the SkyNET and Space Marine forces.

Gotta try porting some.

Is that a dow 1 or 2 terminator?

GLORY TO THE EMPEROR! Man, Space hulk was so awesome.

And then the orbital bombardment next on the tau ion cannon :smiley:

What happened to his pelvis?