Terminator "infiltrating" a Resistance bunker

Found some use for these new models. Got the plasma rifle from FPSBanana, modified, hexed and reskinned it.


That’s pretty cool.

Nice. The rim-lighting is realistic and looks good.

That gun looks rusty :stuck_out_tongue:

Really nice job on this one, that lights are awesome.

Friggin’ finally! :dance:

Intended. (Oh God that sounded deathbucketish) I was trying to make it look like it’s old, rusty and used. It’s pretty hard to keep guns in good condition in a post-apocalyptic desert world.

And thanks, for a while I was afraid the rim-lighting failed.

That look’s mighty badass’

Now that is some breath-taking stuff here. Amazing lighting.

Fucking awesome! :smiley: