Terminator killed 2 people in an apartment soon after her arrival throught time, very soon

Edit: boobs fixed :slight_smile:


Edit: Naked body removed.



Holy shit, those nipples are huge

I mean seriously they’re as big as her eyes jesus christ

Posing on her looks pretty stiff, but the scenebuild’s great as always.

A terminator in bright daylight is not very terminator-y. And where did it get the guns from?

I could also start nagging about how terminators try to keep the clothes of their first victims untouched, as the first part of the infiltration protocol orders them to find suitable clothing. A shirt with a large-caliber bullet hole and blood on it gets too much attention, doesn’t it? Of course there’s that drawer nearby, but still.

The lighting is also very static.

Cool scenebuild.

The rest is pretty terrible though. The camera angle is dull, the posing is very stiff and a lot of the models look bad.

Dem some weird shaped titties.

Everything is also bright as fuck and shadows do not exist.

hah holy shit this is a p bad picture

The scenebuild just has a buncha random props to hide it’s so very bad lighting which you ALWAYS have bad lighting on a good many of your pictures, plus are you seriously using the Css weapons haha

only thing about this picture tat would attract anyone (read: creeps) is some fugly ass fakefactory nude model.

I usually never call someone out on something but holy shit when I saw this I instantly laughed my ass off.

You should just keep it to Dickgirl Central so I never have to see this garbage.

I take it you haven’t seen alot of normal, unenhanced boobs irl?

Ontopic, really nice scenebuild. But it looks so unatural because of the lack of shadows.


Those are the l4d2 weapons, this is a pretty great scenebuild, I’d like to see you try to make something that even comes close.

And yes, the pose may be bad, and boring. And the model is pretty ugly, I agree. However, compared to the mountain of crap that comes through daily in seperate threads on this forum. This is fucking great in comparison.

So stop acting acting like you know what you’re talking about. Cuz you don’t.

oh the irony.

p1mp in dis thread right here bois

No they’re not.

Since when did you have to be amazing at something to criticise it?*

*Hint: you don’t


No they aint.

Don’t have to be able to do better to say it looks like shit.

I’m glad we are in agreement on that part.

Most of his pictures are fugly naked disproportionate fakefactory models doing random shit, or they’re scenebuilds with half ass lighting, I’d say a good amount of shit that comes out today is a lot better then what he’s done.


Next time please use the NSFW tag
The zombies aren’t that fitting either. The guys looks like he’s been dead for weeks.


You think that will help? Even a written warning was not enough in my case.
Some people still clicked it and made their best acting like juveniles getting mommy issues when they saw some nudity:smug:

For the picture. Nice scene build. Wrong choice of models. And the shadows are screaming with their absence.

I guess you’re right about the gun, I haven’t used that model in yeaaars and I remember it looking more crappy, oh well.

And yes I know you don’t have to be better, but it was just to prove my point you really do not know what you are talking about.

I mean, sure this isn’t the best picture I’ve seen, but it’s far from trash, overall this picture is bad. But when you think of all the shit he did in there, I think it’s a nice effort.
Most people now a days are way to lazy to use props, they stick a generic model with generic weapons in a generic pose, some splash on some fancy lights and awesome editing. But I still got respect for people who actually puts more thought and effort into the actual pose itself. (meaning the whole scene before editing)

I guess I was a bit hard on you, and it was uncalled for. And I don’t plan to derail this thread any further, so yeah.

Thank you for not continuing.

To be honest, your work is dwindling away ever since you started to use the FAKEFACTORY-esque textures/models. I know you had spent a lot of work on them, but compared to your past work where it’s a big ass scene build, you seem to get more and more lazier (and maybe perverted, considering the numerous sex poses you had done.)

My two cents.

From her ass, I don’t know.

No, no, no, you take this way too seriously… Come on, calling her a terminator is too much already, don’t you think?!

Downside of the scenebuilds. I can only do better ligthing on dark map.

I managed to achieve my goal then.

Thanks but there is no point to write about these kind of things. Especially not to him.

Why do you say this?
The freeman in the dock got very good comments and the next two too. Those are recent.

and how do you know about the sex poses I made? They are separated, you can only see them if you check regularly that thread…

Good. So we both are perverted. (if sex poses are pervert things you mean).

Thanks for your comments.

Breasts are like a bag of sand

Wonder where “she” hid the guns.