Terminator playermodel request

Terminator Powers:ShapeShifting Weapon Shifting Can Aborbs The Stregth And Dencety of Stuff And People CAn Turn People Into Terminator 100s Small But Deadly Terminators That Follow His Commands Can Discigse Voice
Terminator Armor:Reinforced Titaniam
Outfit:Black Shoes Black Pants Shirtless
Face:Strong Has Good Face Cep Deadly
Favorate Weapon:Big Long Sword Arm
Ultimate Weakness:Nothing
Stuff That Can Damage Him:Guns Exploadions and Stuff
Can Aborb:All Types Of Metals
Infect Powers:
T-100:50 Metal To Turn Tomeone Into A T-100
T-200:100 Metal To Turn Someone Into A T-200
T-300:200 Metal To Turn Someone Into A T-300
T-400:400 Metal To Turn Someone Into A T-400
T-500:650 Metal To Turn Someone Into A T-500
T-600:850 Metal To Turn Someone Into A T-600
T-700:1000 Metal To Turn Someone Into A T-700
T-800:1250 Metal To Turn Someone Into A T-800
T-900:1500 Metal To Turn Someone Into A T-900
T-1000:100000 Metal To Turn Someone Into A T-1000

Er… how can we put this in a playermodel?

Is this a request or a RP fantasy?

This is impossible.

How the hell did you think this would work anyway?

I think he wants an arnold shwartsneger *sorry if I mispelled that :* player model that can eat metal and, has a giant sword hand, and can poop out evil robots o_O

This is…madness, and you can’t just march in here telling us to do impossible shit.

Correction, he can. That is proved by the fact he did it.

Just for the sake of correctness Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger

He messaged me on MSN asking for this, When I politely told him that it was complicated and unreasonable, I was called a “fucking bitch”.

Needless to say I don’t think this’ll see the light of day anytime soon.

i want a T-3000 my idea as a player model for gmod

That’s a totally different request. And there are already terminator player models (in packs, but they are still there). Search garrysmod.org.

I made some terminators, none that can shapeshift though:razz:

Hahhaha jesus christ this is retarded, if you insult people who don’t do you ridiculous request you’re never going to get it

I found a couple by searching "terminator " on garrysmod.org



The NPC is pritty good and if its the same one I have its also a playermodel.

Heres the link to the terminator search for people who want it: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?tag=terminator

I have a T-600 player model, mine came with a npc version and a ragdoll too :smug:

Mine isn’t on the site anymore :smiley:

acutaly hes a Terimator that weres Shoes Pants Shirtless A Biker Jacket and is more powerful then the T-1000 And T-2000he his the T-3000 more powerful and i want Big Long Sword arm Addon And ShapeShift Addon And Infect Addon And T-3000 Sounds

Impossible, cannot be done.

it would have to be a gamemode.

Somebody make this guy his magical, shapeshifting, infecting terminator with a big long sword arm.


Oh, my god! He has a bug on his penis!

Did you even bother to read the other posts? It cannot be done.