Terminator RP - Battle of Fallon

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Battle of Fallon


-Coming Soon

This part is simply a sort of intro. Don't expect super action movie extravaganza. Next part however, expect some ;)

Original story line of this event for the Gentlemans Gaming Lounge's Terminator Roleplay can be found here


We are a -serious- roleplaying community, so make sure to keep your serious caps on or else!


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	-Sony Vegas Pro 9.0


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	-All can be found here: www.taconbanana.com


	-Terminator OST ( Official Sound Tracks )

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I, in no fashion claim to be the creator of any features used in this video. Full credit must be given to their original creators. I have only used these features to edit and create this video.

We will be launching soon, so be sure to be there!

Good music, good camera angles, good colors, however it could of used faceposing. The voices also sounded a bit muffled, besides that it was very good!

Yes, I’ll improve the voices in part 2.