Terminator Salvation Models.

Hello there. I know there is all ready some of the Salvation game models about, such as the aerostat, harvester and Hunter Killer, but I couldn’t for the life of me find hide nor hair of some of the other models.

So here is a request for them, this in particular…

Tetrapod or T-7T - http://terminator.wikia.com/wiki/File:T4s-art-character-004.jpg

Resistance soldiers - http://terminator.wikia.com/wiki/File:TSgame_Characters.jpg

Vehicles - http://terminator.wikia.com/wiki/File:T4s-art-vehicle-001.jpg

Greatly appreciated if anyone is able to fufill this request.

Ask Davebrown he did RP_Salvation_2 based off of terminator salvation.

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There’s a problem with your urls.

Updated them, hopefully they’ll work now. Davebrown might be doing the T-7T, I’m not sure. He wasn’t specfic when I talked to him.

Feck, snip.

Aye, I got that pack. It doesn’t have the Resistance Soldiers, T-7T/Spider drone or those Apocalyptic looking jeep and truck, which is what I’m after.

Don’t know about the T-7T, but the Resistance soldiers would be nice.

Even nicer if they were headhacks.

Agreed. Headhacked versions as well as the orginals would be great. The T-7T I’d really like to obtain for screenshots and such, possibly more depending how it turns out.

i have some hunter killers animated in different formats, just needs to be converted. ( i want to make snpc with iit)
If someone wants do it, i can give a link.
<could pay 10$ with paypal after works done)

No, the Hunter Killer isn’t what we’re looking for, as we already have that, dude.

Bump. Is anyone interested in this at all? I’d really appreciate someone working on getting the models.

You need a person who knows how to port models from games to Garry’s Mod and Terminator Salvation Videogame, I’d say it’s probably a pretty rare combination. So I don’t think so.

S-LoW knows how to port the models,
but he doesn’t port to gmod.

He did once… only once.

i have some models, but who need to be converted! (in .obj or .max or .mp)

didn’t he also pass away?

I’d say it’s a bit doubtful.

Mainly because I’ve hardly seen anyone actually say “He’s dead” instead of “Didn’t he die?”, “Isn’t he dead?” etc. etc.

i really need those models on gmod