Terminator Salvation two pictures and orginal

John Connor shoots one T600

John Connor chose the wrong day to go to Skynet



Wow you finally made a pair of semi-decent pictures. Work on your muzzleflash editing and camera angles (especially your camera angles; they’re far too unnecessarily wide) and you’ve got a couple of okay pictures. Lighting in the second picture is pretty good.

The first is a bit meh, but the second one is good.

You’re getting better, mate.

Terminator posing is awkward.

Yippie!!! thanks guys!!


which of them?

Use filesmelt. And the posing is still pretty bad.

Posing on the human fella isn’t bad.

Still can’t beat me :buddy:

oh lolz i r so funneh

so the terminator salvation models are finally out or did i miss something?

T-600 is. Others are not. Yet… :ninja:

link please

Link to what? The Tee-Sixhundred? Just go to garrysmod.org and search “terminator” or something.