Terminatrix from T3 Anyone pls?

Hello! Can anyone make an Terminatrix model for Gmod ?(the T-X terminator model from Terminator 3 movie) she’s cool…

as far as i know her model is in terminator 3 rise of the machines and terminator 3 the redemption games … i hope someone will make her … i love the Terminatrix …

Hi there!

Well, we dont have a model with the clothes on, but there is a naked model of her and a model of the TX(without skin, only the metalic bones and shit).

Links ofc:

TX model

The TX skin model(The female skin)(This pack also includes alot of other Terminator ragdolls, such as T-600 with miniguns, John Connor, HK aerial vehicles, a motorbike, etc)

http://www.facepunch.com/showthread…=S+Low+Private the link for the models pack is broken … :frowning: pls help i really need the skinned model of T-X

Its not broken man, its fully online.

(Direct Link)

i can’t download it :frowning: and none of my friends can …

“You tried to access the address http://filesmelt.com/downloader/S-lows_models.7z, which is currently unavailable. Please make sure that the Web address (URL) is correctly spelled and punctuated, then try reloading the page.”

only loken nude in this file, robot model is broken

well that’s what i want! can anoyne megaupload the model or something pls ?

I’m gonna ask TheManest if he can reupload the pack somewhere else, and if he cant then maybe if I get his permission I will reupload it(Altho I got no idea where else to upload it, I always use Filesmelt lol).


That shit is weird tho, I go to the download place really easily, dont know why is not working for you.

umm megaupload.com … i don’t need anything only the T-X female form (i have the robot form ) :slight_smile:

i need them all, it’s only for my server

i finaly downloaded the model pack and the models appear invisible in game … problem after problem i hate this

EDIT: eeh i fixed da problem thx man thx allot for ur help !

I’m glad I could help.

Have fun!

Hey santz can you reupload that model pack with the female form, I cant find it anywhere

Can you send me the T-X models. I could really use one, cause I can’t seem to download on these links. I would really appreciate it.